Mother playing with her daughter by blowing bubbles


“I wasn’t quite ready to take the leap into individual therapy, and I was really drawn to the idea of connecting with other postpartum mamas with a professional’s guidance.  The sessions exceeded my expectations. It felt so good to have camaraderie and solidarity with the other group members.  Abby helped me to learn about myself and helped me to evaluate ways I could improve my mental state.  I felt heard and I enjoyed hearing from other mamas in similar positions, especially during this time in our lives.” D.K.

Woman holding her baby while speaking to a mental health counselor.


“Throughout my second pregnancy, I was lucky enough to participate in the Mindfully Expecting group sessions lead by Abby.  As one of five members in the group, we discussed topics outlined by Abby each week.  While Abby laid the weekly foundation for the group, it was the moms who took the reins of the conversation and decided where each topic lead us.  Abby was extremely helpful in guiding us through our worries, stresses and joys of pregnancy/motherhood. Having like-minded women together in a group, benefitted my happiness throughout pregnancy, as well as postpartum. I highly recommend The Joywell and their ability to provide supportive group sessions to all mamas alike!” -L.N.

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“Abigail was wonderful at leading our expecting mothers group. Our group members were from different areas geographically and in different stages of pregnancy but she was able to seemingly instantly connect all of us and facilitate meaningful conversations, even through zoom! One of her amazing strengths was to remember our individual concerns and revisit them throughout our sessions. Abigail went above and beyond in developing a personal connection in a group setting, which I was not expecting but so appreciated! “ -J.B.