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In poker, Aces rank higher than Kings. In tarot, pulling Aces means one will do very, very well financially. All in all, Aces have some good vibes behind them! At The Joywell, ACES™ is how we approach everything. ACES™ is the coaching methodology I’ve developed after years of training and client experience. I’m so excited to bring this method to The Joywell members and for you all to benefit from it the way so many of my clients already have!


So, what is this ACES™ stuff? It stands for Accountability, Connection, Engagement and Support. Keep reading for a more in-depth explanation!


Accountability: They say a goal without a plan is a dream. Dreams are great! I love a good dream. But if you want to make changes that will improve your wellbeing and quality of life, having accountability both to yourself and from others is going to be key. At The Joywell, we will always be your accountability partners with the goal of optimizing your mental health and overall wellbeing! This means you can rely on us to bolster your resolve when you feel like you are wavering and making sure you rest when you commit to it. Clients will have access to me via email, and to The Joywell community on slack! There is no shortage support here!


Connection: Having lived through COVID, more than ever we need connection. Humans evolved as social creatures who rely on human connection for basic survival. Yes, even the most introverted of us need meaningful human connection. At The Joywell, we foster meaningful connection both during coaching sessions and in one’s life by encouraging purposeful interaction. Sometimes the purpose of an interaction is to dig deep and allow souls to connect. This is awesome! Equally awesome is the interaction whose sole purpose is to share a pitcher of margaritas and have a blast! Both of these interactions foster connection, but we need both types of connection and that is where The Joywell comes in! With our multiple modes of communication, you will always have a source of connection available to you!


Engagement: In different fields, engagement has different meanings. Sure, it can mean you’re betrothed and planning a wedding, but at The Joywell, engagement refers to how you are in your life. Everything we do at The Joywell is so that you experience much of your life in a state of flow. We want you to feel like you can handle whatever comes at you without losing yourself or feeling like a task is insurmountable. We want you to experience activities where time flies by because you’re so engaged and in the moment. Having these moments of deep engagement in your life will make it richer and allow you to optimize your strengths, talents, and characteristics, thereby also allowing you to optimize your mental health and wellbeing!


Support: The very basis of the mental health field, as well as the field of coaching, is support. Coaches in every field support their athletes and clients. We support in strengthening identified challenge areas while strengthening already existing strong points. Our success is your success, and you get to define your own success. In both group and individual coaching, the support offered at The Joywell is unparalleled. From access to your community, evidence-based protocols to overcome even the toughest challenges, and one-on-one communication with Abby, support is what you will get every step of the way at The Joywell.


Now that you know all about my coaching methodology, feel free to ask any and all questions in the comments or on social media! We’re always here for you!



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